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The Heart Gallery is a community engagement initiative that uses professional portraits displayed in the community combined with weekly local news segments to connect families interested in adoption to select children in the care of Child Protective Services that seek relational permanency.

At the core of this outreach is a simple picture. But, it's anything but simple. Our volunteer photographers capture a child's spirit in every shot, bringing to life their beautiful personalities in ways that words cannot. They say, "I'm here. And I'm special."

The Heart Gallery of Central Texas connects children available for adoption with loving families.


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Forever Families on KVUE

Every Thursday during the 6am and midday broadcasts a new child in search of a forever family is featured.


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There are multiple ways that you can help make a difference in the life of a child in the child welfare system.


Volunteer and Support

Help a child find a forever family by building awareness for him/her. Increased visibility increases the chances for adoption.

# of children in foster care in Central Texas waiting to be adopted...


# of times a child in foster care moves homes before finding a forever family...


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The Heart Gallery has awakened the hearts and homes of many people in our communities. By sharing a child’s story and putting a name and face to a child in need, The Heart Gallery helps children make connections to their forever families every day.

Carolyn K


The Heart Gallery of Central Texas not only introduced us to our girls, it opened our door to adoption that didn’t stop with Olivia and Rose. Bringing them into our family gave us graduations, a wedding, and grandchildren. Olivia and Rose make our family better and we can’t imagine what life would be without them.

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