Adryan (AJ)

14 years old


Adryan (AJ) is a hardworking, cooperative, yet laid-back young man.  He tends to be shy initially upon meeting new people. But once he feels comfortable, he is engaging and a good advocate for his own needs and wants. AJ likes to help with outdoor work projects. He likes animals and is helping to raise a baby goat that he will show at a livestock show. AJ describes himself as athletic. He especially enjoys playing football and basketball and hopes to play on a team in the future. AJ also enjoys playing video games and collecting Pokemon cards.

AJ is intelligent and excels in academics. His favorite subject is math. He hopes to be tested for Gifted and Talented classes at his next school, and he plans to attend college after high school.

AJ hopes to find a family that is active and gives him opportunities to play sports. He would thrive with a parent(s) who encourages him to  continue excelling academically and to achieve his goal of attending college. He would benefit from a family who is structured, consistent, whole-heartedly committed and loving. He is open to having older siblings. AJ would like to stay in Texas where he has three younger siblings with whom he would like to continue a relationship.

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Filmed at Tumble Tech | Aired June 18, 2020

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