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Alasyha, Aleria, Angel, & Jayvin

17 years old
14 years old
15 years old
13 years old


Alasyha is the oldest of her siblings. She is strong-willed, patient, outspoken, and well-spoken. She can be somewhat shy and gets embarrassed easily but is resilient and laughs it off quickly. Her interests include makeup application, cooking, music, and decorating. She enjoys hanging out with friends and shopping. She loves to laugh and to make people laugh. Alasyha works hard to have independence as she ventures into adolescence. She is focused on her education and is looking forward to graduating in the next couple of years. Alasyha works hard and succeeds at accomplishing her school work, balance a social life, and working. She has developed independent skills at her job and is currently learning the value of work ethics and saving. Alasyha gets along with all her siblings and is respectful to adults. She has much to share and funny beautiful memories to make.

Aleria is creative and enjoys being her own character; she wants to pursue a career in acting when she is older! She is very unique and talented, and she embraces her individuality. She is the youngest girl but older than Jayvin. Aleria is very bright and charismatic. She will thrive with parents who will help her build her self confidence. And they should encourage her to continue exploring her gifts and talents, and encourage her to excel to her full potential. Aleria loves her siblings and is always thoughtful about making them feel special on their birthdays.

Angel is the second oldest and the most reserved of the four siblings. She likes gymnastics, baking/cooking, swimming, and learning new crafts. She is athletic and will enjoy being placed in sports. She has done well this past year in track and is now learning the ropes of gymnastics. Angel is patient and is always helpful with any tasks at hand. She is very independent and organized when it comes to her chores. Angel is not very talkative but she expresses herself largely with actions. She will benefit from support, encouragement, and one-on-one time. Angel is very protective of her siblings. She is friendly and sweet, especially when she feels she is part of a family.

Jayvin is the youngest, and most outgoing of the four. He loves spending quality time with not only his sisters, but also those who he holds dear. Jayvin loves hugs and does well with nurturing parenting styles. He loves being active, playing outside, socializing, and any type of games. Jayvin is a character and has a bold personality! He loves to make people laugh and he expresses himself in comical ways. He strives to have good behavior and is apologetic whenever necessary. Jayvin has lots of love to give and adores spending quality time in most settings.

These siblings want to be placed together. They are looking forward to being in a family that encourages their individuality and supports them as they launch into their purposes with consistency and stability. They would like their family to be committed to keeping their unbreakable bond, keeping them together, and helping them through the transition. They want to be in a secure and loving family that practices playful engagement. The parents should be able to give each child quality one-on-one attention. The best family for her will have a good sense of humor, plenty of energy and playfulness, and have a strong foundation.



Filmed at GreenLife Nursery  and  Practically PikAsso

Aired October 16, 2019


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