Aleisha & Niko

7 years old
10 years old


Aleisha is a sweet girl with a big heart. She is a "girly girl" and likes wearing nice clothes and hair bows. She is very bubbly and energetic, and enjoys being the center of attention. She has been enrolled in cheerleading and hopes that her new family will allow her to participate in extracurricular activities. Aleisha’s dream is to visit Disneyworld.

Niko presents himself as a shy and reserved. He enjoys anything electronic such as TV, phones and tablets. He has been enrolled in football, and hopes that his new family will allow him the opportunity to continue to be involved in sports. Niko loves his sister Aleisha and looks out for her wellbeing.

The children are looking for a home that will offer them love and support. They would best benefit from a structured home that will set clear and consistent boundaries.

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Filmed at Epic Fun | Aired November 2019

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