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Alissandra & Alina

10 years old
11 years old


Alissandra is funny, energetic, and loves to laugh and have fun! She likes to swim, play sports, and visit parks. She loves music and singing along in the car and spending time with other kids her own age. Alissandra enjoys arts and crafts and making presents for the special people in her life. Her favorite foods are pizza, ice cream and hot chips!

She would benefit from having structure and a consistent routine and being with a family who could be active and spend some one on one time with her. Alissandra will thrive in an environment where she is loved and cared for.

Alina likes to be active and like her sister loves pizza, ice cream, hot chips, and enjoys spending time with her peers and siblings. Alina is very kind and is always thinking of others. Alina likes going to the park, running and doing fun outdoor activities. Alina can be shy, but once you get to know her, she is very talkative!

Alina would thrive in an environment with caregivers who are informed of therapeutic approaches that can allow her to form healthy relationships with others. Her caregivers should strive to provide a stable environment for Alina, including regular daily routines and concrete behavioral expectations. Alina would benefit from frequent interpersonal and social interaction to encourage positive and appropriate social skills. Alina can be shy and quiet, but is sweet and active when she feels comfortable in her environment.

Alina and Alissandra are not currently placed together, but ultimately they would like to be in a home together. Alina would benefit from more time to bond with Alissandra and also sibling therapy to work towards building a supportive and nurturing relationship with her sister. They do have 3 other siblings that are not part of this adoption and it is important to them both to keep a relationship with them.

Together they would do great in a home with structure, lots of fun activities and with a family who is willing and able to give each child one-on-one attention. The girls would thrive in an environment that would exhibit healthy communication methods to demonstrate to these sisters. They would also benefit from caregivers who enjoy spending time participating in the girls' favorite hobbies and activities.

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