Photography by

Lindsay Liepman Photography

Andres V

5 years old


Andres is a happy little boy. He enjoys being held and cuddled. He loves being read to, and to be engaged in play. He thrives on one-on-one attention. Andres is a joy to be around and brightens the room. He smiles a lot. Although he is not able to laugh out loud, his eyes light up when he is played with. He also enjoys holding his toys and chewing on them. He likes to listen to music, especially nursery lullabies. Andres is a true joy to all that meet him.

As he is medically fragile, Andres receives in-home nursing services. Andres needs a family who is willing to spend time with him, and learn to provide for his medical needs. His family should be knowledgeable to his needs and willing to provide long term care and support for him.



Aired January 16, 2019

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