13 years old


Andrey is young man with a kind spirit and sharp mind. He loves to converse and is interested in getting to know people. He shows his care by being intentional in his time with each person, asking thoughtful questions, and spending time getting to know them. He is sensitive to the feelings of others, and he does not like when people are picked on or judged. Genuine kindness exudes from him, and he is a joy to be around! He’ll make you laugh too. Andrey loves Billy Eilish, Minecraft Legos, and anything in the mystery, horror, or drama genre of movies and tv shows. His brilliant mind and imagination will take him places- most likely to the movies! He hopes to be in them or create them someday.

Andrey’s forever family will share their love with him in a nurturing, structured, and consistent environment. He will do well in a family that enjoys his company and spends quality time with him. His longing is to make deep and meaningful connections and he will thrive in a home that fosters this desire through shared activities and one-on-one conversations. Andrey’s forever family will allow him the freedom to be himself and give him a platform to express his feelings. He would like to be an only child, and he would love pets (especially a husky)! He is looking for the right fit in a two-parent home and is open to any location. Above all, this creative young man wants stability and a loving family as he grows up.

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