Annabell & Jacob

14 years old
13 years old


Annabell and Jacob are in need of a loving forever family.

Annabell is a sweet and smiley young girl. She is affectionate with her caregivers and likes to be rocked and held. She enjoys playing on her tablet and navigates it to watch videos and play games on her own. She also enjoys playing outdoors. Annabell uses short phrases to communicate, and she knows some sign language. She is thriving in her current classroom.

Jacob is a sweet young boy. He is curious and likes to explore the world around him. He likes to play indoor games and do activities independently. He also enjoys spending time outside. He enjoys playing at parks, running and playing with various sport balls. When his caregiver joins Jacob in play, Jacob will hold the adult's hand. He is thriving in his current classroom. He is very encouraged by praise and responds to positive reinforcement when he follows directions and completes tasks.

An ideal home for Annabell and Jacob would be one where the parents are involved and are able to provide a loving and supportive home. They thrive when they are provided with a structured routine and home environment. Annabell and Jacob are incredibly bonded to one another, and should be adopted together.

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