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12 years old


"I like to go and do" says Annabelle. She is social and active. She enjoys camping, hiking, shopping, and going to theme parks. Annabelle is always up to try new and exciting things. She loves to dress up, play with dolls, and wear costume makeup. And she enjoys swimming and being outside. She is a good student, and benefits from tutoring to help with homework.

The ideal adoptive family for Annabelle will be loving and patient. She will thrive in a two parent home with at least one adult caregiver who will spend quality time with her on a daily basis and participate actively in her school, extracurricular activities, and home life. Annabelle loves spending time with her brother, and the family will help her stay in close contact with him.

Annabelle will be successful when she can trust and feel secure in a family.

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Filmed at Lone Star Stables | Aired November 21, 2018

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