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Dunlap Portrait


17 years old


Asher is a respectful and polite young man who displays a deep sense of integrity in his daily life. For example, he always holds doors for people and is concerned with making sure others are getting enough to eat before he finishes. He consistently shows a strong value for manners, justice, and personal development. Asher has a big heart and loves helping others whenever he has the opportunity. He enjoys playing musical instruments and playing football. Being very athletic, Asher likes to work out in the weight room and build strength to play sports. He has a great imagination and likes to write stories, as well as immerse himself in reading military history books. He has participated in JROTC and is considering joining the military after college. He plans to attend Texas A&M University to study linguistics. Asher enjoys all aspects of nature! He likes to go on hikes, ride bikes, and swimming. Asher also enjoys watching movies with his friends and family. He loves older rock music and is generally described as an “old soul” by those close to him.

Asher is open-minded when considering what he wants in a family. His biggest desire is to have a family that makes him feel included. He would like a family that enjoys spending time together, whether that be going on trips or finding activities they all enjoy. He would love for them to encourage him as he plays sports. Asher has an adult sister and wants his family to support him maintaining contact and a relationship with her. If his family has pets, he will be in heaven!

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