11 years old


Ashlynn is very friendly and very talkative! She has beautiful long brown hair and is covered in freckles. Ashlynn loves to fish. She is proud of her fishing pole, and she loves to use it to catch channel catfish and bass. She is hoping that someday Santa will bring her a pink tackle box. Her favorite animals are peacocks, white doves, and fluffy cats. She loves arts & crafts, jewelry, and dreamcatchers.

Ashlynn longs to be in a forever home. She would thrive in a single or two parent home. She would do well with a family who likes to go out and do things, as Ashlynn loves to be active. She will need caregivers who will take her to events and school activities. She would thrive with motivation from good role models. Ashlynn is longing for a family to accept her and never give up on her.

Meet Ava:

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