Beatriz & Juan

10 years old
11 years old


Beatriz is a sweet, friendly, and imaginative girl. She looks at the world with optimism and enthusiasm. She has a sunny disposition and loves to recount the adventures in her daily life. She enjoys watching movies, playing with LOL toys, Origami,  and spending time outside. She likes school and enjoys being in the choir.

Juan is a bright, talkative, and active boy. He loves playing video games, building with Legos, and playing outside, and cooking. He recently decided he wants to take violin lessons. Juan's centerpiece strength is his ability to excel academically. He recently won first place at a Science Fair.

These siblings will thrive in a home where they will receive unconditional love and support. They value their relationship with each other family members. Beatriz and Juan have a lot of love to give and are ready to share that love with their forever family!

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Filmed at Gattitown | Aired September 12, 2018

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