Photography by

Geri Erickson Photography


13 years old


Blake is such a joy to be around. He has a bright personality. Blake LOVES football and basketball. He is a creative child who loves to draw.  Blake’s favorite class is art. He hopes to become some type of artist one day. He loves to build with Legos. Blake enjoys family time whether it is watching movies, going on a bike ride or playing catch in the front yard. Blake loves animals and loves going to the dog park and walking and playing with the dogs. Blake is a loving child; he loves to help and tries hard to please others.

Blake is an amazing young man who will continue to succeed with a loving forever family.  Blake needs a family that is committed and able to offer a safe and structured home. Blake would do best as an only child in the home.

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Filmed at Redd's Barber Shop | Aired March 6, 2019

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