15 years old


Brandon is a wild spirit full of energy and living up his middle school years. He is very outgoing and not shy at all! Brandon can be very inquisitive and has a great imagination. Brandon is a big softy and is very loving which is apparent upon first meeting him. Brandon likes the outdoors, and likes to play video games indoors. He also enjoys watching cartoons and playing with his Legos and remote control cars. Brandon would like to start a collection of collectible model cars. Brandon likes animals and enjoys caring for them and keeping them company.

Brandon would like to be an only child to a loving and caring mom and dad. He would like a family that is active as he is, and likes to keep busy and explore the outdoors. Brandon’s forever family should also be animal lovers as Brandon would like a pet to play with and care for.  The family should be willing to challenge and encourage Brandon to explore the things that spark his interest. They should show him they are there to support him no matter what.

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