16 years old


Braydon is a very intelligent and mature teen. He interacts best with peers his own age. Braydon enjoys country living and he likes to hunt and fish. He adores all things pertaining to the  wilderness. One of his strongest desires is to become a game warden in the state of California. He enjoys playing basketball and football, but basketball is his favorite sport of all. His favorite NBA player is KD, Kevin Durant of the Golden State Warriors. His favorite food is Taco Bell.

A two-parent home with a mom and a dad would be great for Braydon. He would thrive in a home with an older brother and/or a younger sister. He needs a structured home with loving non-smoking parents who understand the importance of living healthy.

Braydon believes a little more love in the world would make it a much better place.

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Filmed at TDS Exotic Wildlife Ranch | Aired November 14, 2018

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