17 years old


Brett is a delightful teen who wants to find a forever family before he ages out of care in less than a year. He has a sweet and playful demeanor. He is goofy, and enjoys assigning playful nicknames to others. He has dubbed himself “The Brettonator.” Some of his favorite pastimes include working out, playing video games, reading Harry Potter, watching Star Wars, riding dirt bikes, and enjoying every chance to go paint-balling he can get. Brett wants to be liked and tries to be helpful and friendly towards both peers and adults. He can tell when others are not feeling well and will offer his help or a hug. Brett sometimes likes to roughhouse  with peers. However, he is a gentleman towards women and kind towards younger children.

He also thrives on verbal affirmation and quality time. He is good with young children and would love to have siblings. He is also good with animals and enjoys playing with pets. He hopes his parents will keep him involved with age appropriate activities that can help boost his confidence and self-esteem. He also hopes his parents will support him as he learns new life skills that will help him transition into adulthood.

Brett needs a family who is patient, kind, and will advocate for him. He deserves a family who will stand by him forever, no matter what.

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