Photography by

Marilyn Griggs Photography


18 years old


Bryan is a friendly and talkative youth. He is very polite and affectionate with adults and bonds strongly with caregivers and other supportive adults. He very much enjoys talking with adults about his ideas and the world around him. Bryan manages well in his school environment. He enjoys playing video games, and likes to learn about technology. Bryan aspires to being a meteorologist. When he was a young child he witnessed three funnel clouds spinning above his head, which was the start of his fascination with the weather and his passion for being a fearless storm chaser. Bryan likes to keep his head phones close at hand, and loves listening to music - especially Christian music.

Bryan will benefit from a patient forever family with strong home structure. The ideal parents for him would be ones who are mature and experienced with having a teenager in the home.

Bryan is bonded to his older brother, and the adoptive family will need to maintain that relationship.



Filmed at the KXXV Weather Station | Aired May 29, 2019

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