Caitlyn, Carlos, & Steven

11 years old
11 years old
14 years old


Caitlyn, Carlos, and Steven are a sibling group who are excited to meet their forever family! Steven enjoys playing video games, sports, and watching "The Walking Dead." Caitlyn and Carlos are twins. Caitlyn loves to read and has enough books to open a library! She enjoys school reading competitions, where she has several friends. She likes to spend one-on-one time with her caregivers and engage in conversation while they cook or do household chores. Carlos likes to play video games, and he likes to read. He is more reserved than his siblings, but opens up quickly when asked about topics that interest him. He enjoys interacting with his friends.

Caitlyn, Carlos, and Steven have a close relationship. They like to go on outings to the jump park, to the movies, or out to eat together. During the summer they love to swim and attend summer camps.

These siblings will benefit best from a two-parent household or a single parent home with close supporters.

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Filmed at High 5 | Aired July 3, 2019

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