Caleb photo Heart Gallery Texas

Photography by

Dunlap Portrait


14 years old


Caleb is a funny, thoughtful and intelligent boy. He is smart and innately curious about the world. He really enjoys one-on-one time with adults and peers so they can have meaningful conversations. Caleb describes himself as an introvert and enjoys spending time independently playing video games and watching funny videos on YouTube. His favorite hobby is creating and discovering new worlds via video games and Legos. Caleb enjoys listening to music and enjoys different genres. He does well in school and his IQ tested in the high average range. He is very proud of his ability to make friends.

Caleb has expressed that he really wants to have a "mother figure" in his future home, but he is open to anyone who is loving and nurturing, including parents of the same gender. He loves all animals, especially dogs. He hopes His forever family will provide routine and structure. Caleb is an independent person and would love to be in a home in which he is allowed personal space to unwind. Caleb is very intelligent, and he needs a forever family committed to ensuring that he can meet his full potential. With a high IQ and an impressive vocabulary, Caleb needs to be in a placement in which he can be intellectually enriched.


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