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12 years old


Carla is magnetic young woman who is sensitive to the emotions of others and likes to offer help and support. Carla is a strong advocate for herself and has a great ability to communicate her needs. She thrives with one-on-one attention and kind words. While she takes time to open up and trust new people, once you’re in she will be a loyal friend and companion for life.  As an almost teenager, she is enjoying playing around with fashion, make up, and expressing her creativity. Carla loves being outdoors in nature, riding her bike or playing. She especially loves animals and says they help people heal. She loves music, dancing, gymnastics, and singing, and would blossom in a theater group. She has an amazing memory and is great with directions. And that smile!

Carla’s forever family will need to be nurturing, while also setting appropriate boundaries with structure and consistency. She would benefit from a supportive family who will offer her extra encouragement from time to time. Carla would be do well with any type of family unit.

She wants a family who won’t give up on her.

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