16 years old


Charles is a determined young man. He has plans for his future, and would like to be in the military or drive a truck across the country. He is working on becoming strong, and is is set on enrolling in his school's ROTC. He is very interested in dinosaurs, and loves Godzilla and Pokemon. Charles enjoys watching the Animal Planet channel on TV, and he is very interested in sharks and the ocean. He loves science and hopes to take Oceanography in school. He likes to explore outdoors because "you never know what you'll find."

Charles is in good health and is active. He is very talkative and is very easy to engage. He is very polite and helpful. He is open to meeting new people and wants to have a family of his own. Charles is insightful and knows his own shortcomings. His determination can help him achieve goals.  Charles would benefit from having a positive role model in his life who can help him channel his determination and strong will to take him all the way!

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Filmed at Texas State Aquarium | Aired January 21, 2021

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