15 years old


Cole is a polite, respectful, and active boy who enjoys spending time outdoors. His favorite outdoor hobbies include playing football, fishing, camping, and simply enjoying nature. Indoors, Cole enjoys art, playing Pokémon cards, reading, and occasionally playing video games. Cole would make the best out of a rainy Saturday by reading a fantasy novel or book about Greek Mythology. His ideal Saturday would involve spending quality time with his forever family; talking and possibly an outdoor adventure together. His CASA volunteer describes him as, “thoughtful and heartfelt” and someone who writes thank you cards. 

Cole is driven, values education and takes pride in his school work. He has big dreams for his future with a wide range of interests from playing in the National Football League, working with animals, or becoming a graphic designer. Cole is ambitious and the one thing consistent about his dream for the future, is his focus on going to college.  

Cole’s forever family will be understanding and encouraging. He would thrive in a family that is nurturing, consistent, and values one-on-one time to build strong connections. Cole would do great with a family who encourages his variety of interests and shares his desire for outdoor family adventures. Cole would do well with older siblings or as an only child.  

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