Photography by

Marilyn Griggs Photography


8 years old


Colleen is an energetic, outgoing, and very friendly child. She easily interacts with peers and adults. Colleen's favorite hobbies are playing on the playground, making art and crafts, and playing imaginary games with peers and adults. She loves to color and can be very creative. Colleen is on target with her age with no delays. She gets along well with children her own age or older. Colleen's bright smile and energy can be contagious and warm up any room!

Colleen's adoptive family should have a strong knowledge of trauma informed care and attachment related issues. Colleen wants to be placed in a forever home with lots of love, support, patience, and structure. She has expressed she would like a family to have other children in the home and pets, hopefully a puppy.

A Texas adoption is preferred for Colleen.

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