Photography by

Stacey with Gift of Life Photography

Darryl, Tracy & Darleesia

12 years old
15 years old
14 years old


Tracy, Darleesia, and Darryl are three energetic siblings whom will tug on your funny bone and keep you laughing all day long. The boys love Marvel superheroes and can carry on hours-long conversations about everything Marvel. Darleesia is a typical girl and loves singing, dancing, and fashion. Tracy, Darleesia, and Darryl all love food and often find themselves bonding over a really good meal. All three siblings have incredible imaginations. This sibling group has an incredible bond. They love each other very much. They love spending time together. They enjoy getting to be active outside together. The siblings often challenge each other to a serious game of H-O-R-S-E. The game may start out serious but ends in bouts of infectious laughter. Tracy, Darleesia, and Darryl are an adventurous bunch and can't wait to get out there to explore!

Tracy, Darleesia, and Darryl's forever family will adopt them together as a sibling group. Their forever family will continue to help them maintain their sibling connection. Their family will be supportive, structured, patient, and loving. Pets are, of course, a plus!!

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Aired January 7, 2021

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Filmed at HOPE Outdoor Gallery | Aired September 20, 2017

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