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Darryl & Tracy

15 years old
12 years old


Tracy is an active youth with a full imagination. He loves comic books and superheroes. He often creates his own spy or superhero games while playing with others. When he is not outside, he enjoys playing video games, building with Legos, and creating his own comic books. One of Tracy's greatest strengths is being a caring and helpful older brother. He is quick to ask his siblings if they are okay, and will help them however he can. Tracy does best in a structured, patient, and supportive environment at home and school. He excels with one on one attention and nurturing. He is driven to continue his progress with the help of therapeutic and educational support services.

Darryl is an energetic youth with a quirky sense of humor. He loves playing outside for as long as he is allowed, enjoying running, riding his bike, jumping on a trampoline, or playing one of Tracy's made up games. Darryl also enjoys playing video games when he can't be involved in a more active activity. Darryl excels in settings where he isn't overwhelmed by the amount of people present. He thrives when he can receive one on one attention, is approached in a nurturing and patient manner and receives the support services he needs in school.

Tracy and Darryl have a sister who would not be a part of this adoption, but with whom they share a close bond. Tracy feels protective of his sister, while Darryl feels encouraged by his sister's progress and looks up to her. It is important that this relationship continues to be supported.

Tracy and Darryl are eager to join a loving and accepting family where they can grow and thrive together. A family with a strong support network where they are the only, or the youngest children would be ideal. Their family should be consistent, patient and understanding. They should set clear expectations from the beginning. They should advocate for them in the educational setting, and support their involvement in extracurricular activities where they can expend their energy and build positive relationships.

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Aired January 7, 2021

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Filmed at HOPE Outdoor Gallery | Aired September 20, 2017

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