13 years old


David is an outgoing and active boy who quickly warms up to new people. He likes to be funny, enjoys joke and makes friends easily. He is happiest spending time playing outside and enjoys soccer, swimming, hiking, fishing, baseball, and especially mountain biking. If going outside is not an option, he prefers video games, Legos, or playing games with others. He also likes to help others by doing chores, mowing the lawn, preparing dinner, or caring for the family’s pets.

David will do well in a stable, patient, structured environment. He has demonstrated the ability to significantly improve his coping skills and emotional regulation. He is motivated to continue this work through therapy and practice with goals of increasing his patience, regulating when upset, and identifying his feelings prior to dysregulation. David does receive support services at school to help him stay on level with his peers behaviorally and academically. With these support services,  David typically makes As and Bs.  He continues to work hard to learn despite his barriers.

David would do best in an active, trauma-informed family. This family would be able to keep him busy, ensure his participation in extracurricular activities, help advocate for his needs in school, ensure he continues to receive therapeutic services to help him process his loss and trauma, and provide him consistency, stability, patience, and structure. He would love a home with siblings with whom he can play and stay busy; however, he would thrive in most family structures that are committed to seeing him continue to grow and reach his full potential.

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