David C

16 years old


David is a sweet and kind teen. He loves the idea of being a basketball player. However, he seems to play more video game basketball than actual basketball. David enjoys working hard, earning money, and finding new ways to be an entrepreneur. He has a strong work ethic, and wants to own his own lawn care company. David likes to be the center of attention and to try to make people laugh. He wants to be the leader. But he hasn’t quite figured out how to navigate this desire. He equates being a leader to being an adult and making adult decisions, and he believes he is not ready for adulthood. David feels that in some instances he is a big brother figure to some of his peers and tries to mediate disputes when he sees them arise. He really likes it when someone looks up to him. He continues to work hard to try and set a good example. David does well in school and is a grade ahead for his age.

David needs and works hard to develop positive relationships. He also needs a structured, but warm and loving home where he can continue his education and mature into the bright and successful man that he is learning how to be. David would thrive in a home that allows him to explore his imagination, and support him in his mission to work and earn his own money.

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