Photography by

Robin McLaurin Photography

David & Jeremy

12 years old
10 years old


David is a sweet and adorable little guy. David loves listening to music and watching bright colorful lights. He enjoys being tickled on the neck and responds by smiling. David is diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and Autism. He faces several challenges but this doesn’t keep him from moving forward and slowly making progress. David requires assistance to complete his daily life skills and routine care. He is unable to verbalize his needs but he does try to communicate through smiles, cries, and moans. David is an amazing child who has continued to achieve the unachievable. 

The ideal family for David would need to have patience and must be able to provide consistent supervision. They must be flexible, and willing to learn how to care for David. They would need to recognize the need and importance for continued therapeutic services and medication reviews to ensure David's needs are being fully met. The family for David would also need to spend a lot of one-on-one time with him and be willing to access the resources he needs. David needs a family willing to advocate for him since he is not able to do so himself.

Jeremy is a boy full of energy and love. Jeremy has red hair and pretty brown eyes. He may be shy at first but is warm and loving. He likes to swim, color in coloring books, play on the tablet, watch Bubble Guppies, and dance to music. He likes making faces in mirrors and shredding paper with his fingers. Jeremy prefers to keep to himself and keep himself occupied. Jeremy is diagnosed with Autism and faces several challenges including difficulty adjusting to change. He requires patience and frequent prompts when moving to a different activity or when there is a significant change in his schedule. Even though he has some difficulty communicating, he has no problem with understanding what is being said to him.

He does best with a structured routine. Jeremy needs close supervision to ensure his safety as he sometimes fails to perceive potential harmful or dangerous situations. This awesome little guy is very affectionate and loving towards others. The ideal family for Jeremy would need to provide consistent attention, structure, 24/7 supervision, flexibility, and willingness to learn how to care for Jeremy. They would need to recognize the need and importance for continued therapeutic services and medication reviews to ensure Jeremy's needs are being fully met so that he can live a happy and productive life. Experience with children that have Autism would be helpful.

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