David L

14 years old


David is a laid back young man. He is respectful to peers and adults.  David enjoys interacting with peers; but also he is just as content being by himself. He enjoys playing sports, and has great sportsmanship skills. He is very competitive when he is playing sports. He loves to win! Winning makes him feel successful and gives him a feeling of self-worth. David is a true role model when in the game. He enjoys working with peers to help them improve their sport skills.

David makes friends easily and enjoys visiting and hanging out with them. He is happy playing outside, riding bikes/scooters, and exploring. His hobbies include all sports, water activities, video gaming, and camping.

David does well in school. He is very successful at math. He always puts  a lot of effort into his assignments and is proud of himself when completed.

David is trustworthy and kind. He is able to make good choices in difficult situations. He is a good kid that is looking for the right family, one that is outgoing and active like himself. He is a very smart child who is eager to succeed in life and his sports career. David so much desires to be loved and accepted by a great family. He would like a family that has two parents, ideally a mother and father. He will continue to have contact with his biological sibling (who is not part of this adoption). David's heart is in Texas; so he desires to be placed with a Texas family. He would also like to have siblings and pets. Pets would be really awesome, as he's never had one of his own. His ideal family would share his Christian values. David enjoys learning more about religion and going to church. David would like a family that is active and enjoys being outdoors.

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