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David -V

12 years old


David enjoys playing and having fun! He is involved in karate and was extremely proud to earn his yellow belt. He also participates in Cub Scouts and works hard to earn his patches. David likes camping, hiking, being outside, and being active. He loves being outside and indoors playing video games equally. He will jump at any chance to play a game of cards or chess. He loves building things with his Legos and has stated that he would like to be an engineer one day. He loves animals and likes to help take care of them. David attends special education classes and is eager to learn.

David longs to be in a forever family. He would thrive in a single or a two parent home. He would need structure and attention. He would do well in a home that likes to go out and do things as David loves to be active. He would need caregivers who would be patient with him. He would be fine with siblings, and would like to be in a family that has pets. He wold thrive with good role models who will give him motivation.

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Filmed at Triple Play Sportsplex | Aired May 16, 2019

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