17 years old


David is an easy-going, sweet teen. He is bright and does well in school. David gets along well with his peers and adults. He loves pets, especially dogs. He enjoys camping, hiking, and any outdoors activity. David is interested in learning how to hunt, fish, and survive in the wilderness. He is a video game enthusiast and loves all technological gadgets. David is interested in computer science and is eager to learn about new advances in the field. David enjoys playing football, skateboarding, basketball and riding his bike. He enjoys being active, but he also enjoys quiet evenings at home with a good book. David is charismatic, polite, and a fun conversationalist. He is known to go the extra step to thank wait staff or soldiers for their service. David is interested in spending time in the country.

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Filmed at Dave & Buster'sAired August 30, 2017

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