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17 years old


Daylen is a loving child who likes to be funny, and at times he is very outspoken. He describes himself as nice, talkative, sensitive, curious, and active. He loves to watch World Wrestling Entertainment television and other forms of wrestling. His favorite character is John Cena. Daylen is passionate about basketball and aspires to being in the National Basketball Association one day. Daylen also likes to ride his bike, listen to music, and attend church activities and sporting events. He likes to try new things, and would like to learn karate.
Daylen says he really wants a mom and a dad who will go with him on picnics, camping, out to eat, to the beach, and skating.
Daylen's family will need to be nurturing, while also setting appropriate boundaries. They will need to advocate for his educational needs and continue with supportive services. The family will need to be able to keep up with his energy level and encourage him to stay involved in activities. Daylen needs to be the only child in the home or the youngest child, and would benefit from having his own room or space for his personal belongings. The family will need to be open to continued sibling contact with his younger siblings who are not part of this adoption, as this is very important to Daylen.

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Filmed at Pflugerville Recreation Center with basketball star A.J. Abrams| Aired August 1, 2018

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