Photography by

Marilyn Griggs Photography


15 years old


Destiny is a friendly and affectionate girl with a beautiful smile and big personality. She is sensitive, bright, talkative and kind-hearted. Destiny has a strong desire to connect with others and to have healthy relationships with peers and adults in home, school and social settings. Destiny enjoys inside and outside play activities, as well as imaginary play. She is very creative and likes engaging in arts and crafts projects. She enjoys listening to music, dancing and playing outside with peers. She also likes taking walks and bike riding.

Destiny needs a family that is patient and committed to her.  A permanent family for Destiny will need to be capable of providing her with structure, boundaries and consistency in a nurturing environment. She would benefit from her family giving her the love and attention she desperately desires and needs. Destiny will benefit from frequent reassurance of her safety and security, and reminders from her family that they accept her unconditionally.


Filmed at Great American Cookies | Aired March 12, 2017

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