Photography by

Marilyn Griggs Photography


11 years old


Friendly and engaging, Devin greets others with a big smile and is ready for a laugh! He is well-liked by both peers and adults for his affectionate nature and willingness to help others. He is an optimistic and inquisitive child – he enjoys new activities in which he can develop a specific talent, interest, or hobby. He is creative and likes to collect art supplies, Legos, and Beyblades so that he can make or build things. He is also a Pokemon fan.

Devin is bright and does exceptionally well academically. He performs at or above grade level in all his class subjects. He particularly likes to read and often seeks out books. His teacher is so glad to have him in her classroom. She reports that he “breezes through chapter books easily!”

Devin needs a family that is both patient and structured.  He really benefits from a routine and firm expectations. He enjoys outdoor activities and playing video games and would love an older sibling(s) who shares these interests. Devin misses his grandmothers and would feel most comfortable with a strong, perhaps matured, maternal figure.

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