Photography by

Amanda Rodriguez Photography

Donald (Donnie)

17 years old


Donald (Donnie) is a bright, active and engaging teenager. He has a contagious personality. He is friendly and easily engages in conversation. He is most often seen with a smile on his face. Donnie enjoys playing soccer, video games, and listening to and discussing classic rock. Donnie also enjoys playing the guitar.

Donnie does well in school. His teachers report that he works well independently and believe that Donnie has a bright future. Donnie’s favorite subject is History. He plans to attend college after graduation and would love to attend Texas A&M. However he has enjoyed visiting different college campuses with the PAL program over the last year. Donnie also talks about joining the Marines to become a paratrooper.

Donnie is eager to join a loving and accepting family. He will do well with a family that will support and encourage him to stay involved in activities both in and outside of school, and will help him to continue to plan for his future. His family should set clear rules, boundaries and expectations from the beginning. Donnie prefers to be in a home with fewer children. His adoptive family should also be willing to facilitate continued contact with biological family members who have been supportive of him during his time in care.



Filmed at Nexus Esports | Aired January 22, 2020

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