15 years old


Elizabeth is a creative, imaginative, and thoughtful youth with a unique personality.  She loves to read and has a collection of Warriors books that she cherishes.  Elizabeth loves anything related to cats.  She enjoys caring for cats and dogs. She also enjoys art, playing with electronics, swimming and exploring nature.

Elizabeth thrives with close attention while she also appreciates having her own space as she gains more independence.  Elizabeth is a fearless advocate for her needs.  She prefers her items, her schedule, and her activities organized with her input.  Elizabeth shows amazing resilience.

In school, Elizabeth is on target with her grade level. She performs to her best potential in school when she is provided with close attention, encouragement, and when there is special attention given to her school performance.

Elizabeth sincerely wishes to join an accepting, committed and unconditionally loving family.  She would be best matched with a family that provides stability, predictability, consistency, structure and patience.  Elizabeth's family should have ample time to give her.  Elizabeth's family should be skilled and prepared to care for her unique needs.

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Filmed at TDS Exotic Wildlife Ranch | Aired October 3, 2018



Filmed at Cameron Park Zoo | Aired February 13, 2019

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