12 years old


Erick is a sweet and polite boy. He has an encompassing smile that fills a room with pleasantness and warmth. He is kind, thoughtful and intelligent. He is described by those who know him as a little gentleman. He is a loving, friendly, talkative, and creative boy. He gets along well with other children Erick loves school and does well academically. He is on the school basketball team as well as the football team. He has pride in these teams as they are performing very well and win many games. He is also part of the school chess team. He has been in school tournaments and has earned first place. These varied interests contribute to an accomplished, charming and reflective boy. Erick is competitive and this gives him drive to work and play hard.

Erick flourishes with praise and being made to feel special. He listens to guidance and instruction and uses coping tools to manage situations. He is a loving child who needs a lot of individual attention and unconditional love. Erick needs the stability of a forever home where there is a lot of focus on him and he has his own important place in the family. He will need someone who can participate proactively in his education and make sure he has all the help he needs to stay on track academically and feel his own success.

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Aired December 10, 2020

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