Photography by

Marilyn Griggs Photography


15 years old


Erik is a kind and thoughtful youth who likes being social and helpful to others. He is creative and adventurous, and he enjoys spending his time outdoors. He likes to mow and garden. Erik is fond of animals and wants to own his own ranch someday. He enjoys playing sports, hiking, and fishing. Erik loves taking walks and will often open up when doing things outside. He also likes to play with remote controlled helicopters and cars.

Erik is educationally on target and enjoys attending school. He works really hard to keep up his grades up and he likes to read. His favorite classes are science and social studies. Erik loves reading adventure stories, especially ones involving animals.

Erik would benefit from a loving family who can set boundaries and provide him with plenty of structure, love and patience. He needs an active family that can give him plenty of one on one time and outdoor activities. Erik does best in a structured environment with a set routine. Erik will do best in a family where he is an only child.

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Filmed at Healing with Horses Ranch | will air March 7, 2018



Filmed at Cameron Park Zoo | Aired September 5, 2018

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