11 years old


Erik is a loving child, especially towards pets. He starts and ends his day spending time with the family cat, and they are said to be best friends.  He is a very smart, quiet, and observant child who prefers indoor activities. He often helps his classmates and is learning how to make friends. Erik knows when he needs emotional support and will ask to be hugged. He loves to do math games, watch science and space videos on his tablet, and read science picture books.  He likes the swings and slides at the park. Erik is a builder—racetrack, train tracks, and Magna Tiles.  He doesn’t hang around to play with his constructs but moves on to the next construction challenge! Erik is a sweet boy who has been working hard to overcome some challenges in his life. Erik likes to be outdoors for trips to the park or the zoo but also enjoys a family movie night--with lots of popcorn! One of his favorite treats is going out for a hamburger and fries.

Erik tends to take on the behaviors of those around him and is influenced by people who act in a more mature manner. He will benefit from being in a home where he is the only child or a family with older teenagers. Erik tends to bond more easily to a female caregiver but has been in a two-parent home.  His  forever family will be patient, nurturing, and supportive of him. They will provide a loving environment to help him reach his full potential. Erik is required to wear a helmet in school, but seldom uses it at home.  He receives special education classes for autism and will need a parent who is an educational advocate for him. Erik thrives from established routines, and his transition to a new home will need to be slow and involve multiple visits so that Erik can get accustomed to new people. At this time, a Texas-based family would be ideal, preferably in central Texas. This is not absolutely necessary, and of course depends on the family and fit for Erik.

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