Photography by

Marilyn Griggs Photography


12 years old


Gabriella (Gabby) is a happy little girl who seeks attention from everyone around her. She is always full of energy and ready to go! She likes to talk to anyone and everyone, and she loves to smile. She loves dressing up, playing with dolls, and going to the movies. She likes school and does best in a smaller classroom setting as opposed to the large classroom environment, allowing more one on one attention.
Gabby needs a family full of patience and structure. She is full of energy and will keep the family very busy. She needs a family who is fully committed to her and will be her forever family. Gabby would prefer a home with a big back yard.

She has siblings with whom she maintains contact with monthly, and she loves being with them.  She needs a family that will continue this contact with her siblings.

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Filmed at Sweet Berry Farm | Aired October 18, 2017

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