Photography by

Marilyn Griggs Photography


17 years old


Hannah is an outgoing young lady who describes herself as a Texas girl with a big heart.  Hannah is spirited and thrives when given love and attention. She loves music, and has a beautiful singing voice. Hannah is very much a girly-girl; she loves make-up and jewelry. She also loves to swim and play with animals. Dogs are her favorite pets, and she would love to have a dog of her own. Hannah loves to joke, has a great sense of humor and likes to be social. Hannah does well in school. When she grows up, Hannah would want to do something with computers or social media, or maybe open a shelter for homeless dogs.

Hannah wants to be accepted by those around her and quickly opens up once she feels comfortable and gets to know you. Hannah is in need of structure and stability as well as a calm environment and parents who are consistent.

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Filmed at Frenchy's Beauty Parlor | Aired February 7, 2018

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Filmed at Amanda Deer Jewelry | Aired May 1, 2019

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