Harley & Mickey

16 years old
15 years old


Harley and Mickey are two sweet siblings who enjoy spending time together. They both are hard-working and love being outdoors. They love to go fishing at every possible chance.

Mickey loves playing video games and enjoys drawing. He also loves to watch or play sports. And he enjoys watching movies, riding his bike, and helping with work projects. He loves to fish, and enjoys doing odd jobs to earn money for fishing equipment, Nerf guns, and going on outings. He is very good at helping to build and fix things. Mickey enjoys spending one-on-one time with adults. He thrives when he receives individual attention.

Harley is an affectionate youth. He is very sweet and likes to give hugs. He is very honest about his feelings and likes to make others happy. He enjoys watching movies or playing outdoors with his friends. Harley loves helping his brother build and fix things. He likes doing jobs around the house to stay busy. He enjoys spending time with the grownups in his life.

These brothers would love to be part of a family who lives on a farm or ranch, or in an otherwise rural area. But they would not mind living in the city. They are very bonded to one another and want to be adopted together. The ideal family for the boys would be active and like spending a great deal of time outdoors playing or working. They should offer them structure and support as they face the challenges of growing up.

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