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Imani, Kylon, & Zoey

11 years old
5 years old
10 years old


Imani is a quiet and thoughtful young boy who is very close with his siblings. He loves playing outside and being engaged in games inside, such as tic-tac-toe or board games. Imani likes watching sports and movies, and playing video games. He enjoys riding bicycles, going on walks, and spending time at the park. He has a great smile and infectious laugh, and he generally gets along well with peers and adults. Imani responds well to praise. He is well behaved at school, and he benefits from additional support with his schoolwork. Imani is a healthy and active young boy.

Kylon is an active and intelligent young boy. He is full of energy and curiosity. Kylon enjoys receiving attention and loves it when someone joins him in a race, game, or watching his cartoons with him. He is close to his siblings and is affectionate with them and others. Kylon likes video games that involve sports and he likes to color. He enjoys playing on his tablet or playing with his toy trucks and trailers. Kylon loves throwing the ball with his brother and running or racing with his sister. He is healthy and attended a Head Start program during the school year. Kylon attends daycare during the summer and enjoys playing with others there.

Zoey is an active, energetic girl who is close to her brothers. She loves to color, write, draw, and play any kind of games. She enjoys playing on her tablet and creating arts and crafts. Zoey loves dolls and has a small collection that means a lot to her. She has a very talkative nature and is a healthy child. Zoey likes to play outside and go to the park. She enjoys playing sports with her brothers. Zoey also enjoys riding her bicycle, singing, and dancing. Spending time at the Boys and Girls Club socializing with other kids her age is another pastime Zoey enjoys. She benefits from extra educational assistance with her assignments. Zoey responds positively to praise, structure, and routine. Zoey will benefit from continued support in processing her feelings.

Imani, Kylon, & Zoey need a family who will be committed to keeping them together. They will benefit from security and having consistent positive role model(s) in their lives. They need a family who will advocate for their needs in school and at home. A perfect family for Imani will be active and enjoy playing the children, whether in an outside game of "catch" or an indoor board game.

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Aired January 14, 2021

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