18 years old


Isabel is an engaging child who loves to listen to R&B. She loves Cardi B, Rihanna, and Chris Brown – she knows most of the lyrics and beats by heart and has a beautiful singing voice. She has aspirations to write a book about her life experiences and hopes that one day she can be involved in the music industry. She is passionate about writing, singing, and her beauty routine. She also loves authentic Mexican food and is always looking to try out a new buffet location. Isabel is mature for her age and has a wealth of experience in some areas, but can also be naïve and is working to develop skills so that she can be assertive in a healthy way. She is working hard to maintain the progress she has made since she has been involved with CPS and is hopeful to find a family that is willing to provide her with love, patience, music, and a connection to her family. Isabel is overall healthy, but she does need to wear a knee brace. She remains as active as she can and loves to take walks outside, dance, and swim. She also is passionate about her work-out routine, which is very regulating. Isabel is not placed with any of her siblings and any home that she lives in will need to help her keep the connections she has with her family and other supportive people she has met throughout her journey.

Isabel needs to have a balance of personal space, with structure and daily routine as well as supervision. She needs a home that provides nurturance, but also allows her to stop and process her feelings in her journal before she talks so that she can calmly talk about her needs, wants, or fears. Isabel needs a home that can balance love with accountability.

will increase her self-esteem.

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