17 years old


Izabella (aka Izzy) is a social and friendly child, evident upon first meeting her. She is smart and is on target developmentally. Izzy has been used to looking out for herself, and has learned to identify her strengths and weaknesses. She has strong leadership qualities, which need to be encouraged and shaped for the positive. Izzy is adorable, fun, and is a little bit of a risk taker. She likes to challenge and to be challenged, but is never disrespectful. Izzy loves fashion, music, and animals. She would love to work in an animal rescue facility. She has a special interest in activities involving art such as drawing and coloring. For possessions, she prefers "artsy stuff."

Izzy would thrive best in a home where she has structure. She is not opposed to having siblings but would like to be the oldest. Izzy is best suited for a single mother family dynamic. She would do best in a home where her adoptive parent(s) can give her the attention and proper guidance she requires. The family should enjoy being outside, going to parks and being active within the community. Izzy needs a family that will help her experience new things and to keep her mind open to everything that is available to her.  Most importantly, Izzy is in need of a home to adopt her and love her forever.

This is a Texas-only adoption.

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Filmed at Pinballz | Aired August 9, 2017



Filmed at Posh Spa & Lounge | Aired December 5, 2018

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