Photography by

Shawn Culbertson Photography


11 years old


Jaala is a bright, insightful, and charismatic youth seeking a loving and affectionate home. Jaala enjoys arts and crafts and drawing pictures to express her creativity, playing with her Barbies, and dressing up. She also enjoys music and singing. She likes to record her thoughts throughout the day by penning them into her journal; she can often be found writing notes or messages on paper. She loves reading books and going to bookstores.
Jaala is an engaging youth who can be described as friendly and social. She appreciates the school setting and has historically functioned well in that environment.

A permanent family for Jaala will be patient and committed to helping Jaala form secure attachment relationships to her caregivers. Jaala will benefit from frequent reassurance of her safety and security, and reminders from her family that they accept her unconditionally. Jaala will need a family willing to follow through with therapeutic services that she requires. Jaala’s family will also need to support and encourage ongoing sibling contact.

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Filmed at Mad Science | Aired April 3, 2019

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