Photography by

Marilyn Griggs Photography


11 years old


Jazmin is a sweet and playful preteen who has a great sense of humor and loves to laugh. She is caring and sensitive towards the feelings of others and leads with honesty and an ability to communicate well. She is very creative and expresses it through imaginative play, crafting and a love of drawing. Jazmin is wonderfully curious and is great at asking questions because she loves to learn new things. Her adventurous spirit is always up for trying out new things and experiences. She loves to go out and do fun things like visiting a park, going swimming or window shopping at the mall. She is always interested in exploring fun new places. Jazmin enjoys being around other peers and children, and is eager to engage in discussion or play to build a connection. She is interested in reading and writing and loves a movie night with popcorn. Jazmin is energetic and active and loves dancing, music, roller skating, riding her bike, playing guitar, and cheerleading. She is a girly girl who loves playing with dolls, putting on makeup and painting her nails. If there is a spa party, Jazmin will be there!

Jazmin loves snow, and would be thrilled to be part of a family who lives in or travels to colder climates. She has a great sense of humor and hopes to find caregivers who have a relaxed demeanor and the ability to appreciate humor.



KVUE - temporary

Filmed with Kids in a New Groove |Aired August 20, 2020

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