17 years old


Jeremiah is a handsome young man with an endearing smile.  He is generally soft-spoken and has a gentle, easy-going personality.  Jeremiah is cooperative and tends to follow rules. Jeremiah prefers to spend his time in a small group or have time to himself.  Jeremiah enjoys fishing, reading and playing board and card games.  Jeremiah reports he is good at building things, especially electronics.  He is considering a profession in mechanics.  Jeremiah took on a role of responsibility for his siblings and household while growing up with his biological family.  Jeremiah would like to maintain a relationship with his siblings.  Jeremiah has an appreciation for the simplest basic needs as well structure and stability which he previously lacked. Jeremiah is working to develop stronger boundaries and healthy relationships with others.  Jeremiah tends to earn positive grades.  He requires support in school to ensure his progress.

Jeremiah's adoptive family must provide him with structure and clear boundaries.  The family would ideally have older or same-age children.  The family should show him unwavering commitment and acceptance. Jeremiah would enjoy a family who can provide him individual time and take him fishing. The family should be able to give time to meet his therapeutic, emotional and supervisory needs.  Jeremiah would benefit from on-going, safe contact with his siblings.

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Filmed with Centex Bass Tours | Aired June 13, 2018

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