15 years old


Jeremy, or JJ, is an intelligent charismatic young man who is striving to find a family who will challenge him and love him. He likes to have in-depth discussions, and enjoys it when his adversary makes him think- just so he can rebuttal. JJ likes likes learning and enjoys school. He loves anything related to batman, Pokémon or comic books. He enjoys the outdoors and sports, but also is content playing video games and watching movies indoors. Actually, the topic of movies is one of his favorite things to talk about. JJ is always open to finding new outlets for his physical and intellectual energy. He likes to be engaged in intellectual conversations with others.  He yearns for positive trustworthy relationships.

JJ wants to be a part of a family where he can have siblings. He is best suited for a married couple, a non-married couple or a single father/mother family dynamic. He would do best in a home where his adoptive parent(s) can give him the attention and proper guidance he requires. JJ needs a structured setting and a home that can provide for his needs. Most importantly, JJ is in need of a home, and a family to adopt him and love him forever.

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