17 years old


Jhanique who prefers to be called “Butter” is a sweet, friendly and charismatic girl. Butter describes herself as loving, caring, helpful, and funny. She is very creative and has a wealth of interests. Butter adores reading and is currently interested in fantasy, sci-fi and vampire books. She also likes to color and do puzzles and uses this as a way of calming when she is feeling anxious. She also loves the outdoors and gardening. In a previous placement she planted roses, a variety of other flowers and some vegetables. Butter also enjoys baking and likes to serve others with her delicious treats. She prides herself in making the most perfectly moist brownies for her teachers. Butter loves animals especially dogs and hopes that one day she will be able to have a dog of her own. Butter currently attends high school and her favorite subject is English. Butter’s dream is to finish high school, go to college (preferably the University of Texas) and become a guard, police officer or doctor. She is super helpful, caring and would be a great addition to a family.

Butter gets along well with others and looks forward to being able to go out and do activities with her forever family. Butter's forever family will ensure that she feels valued and wanted. Her family will be patient, caring and understanding. Butter thrives with individual attention and one on one time with trusted adults. Butter would like an active family that goes out and enjoys doing things together. Butter is an incredible girl who can thrive in an environment where she is loved, supported and feels like she is as part of the family.

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